The ‘D’ in December means DIY

Happy Happy…all the stores are deck out already! How about you?
I am looking forward to the holidays as a time to relax with the kids, and craft, bake and make. Leading up to that time, every year I do a few workshops. I think there isn’t anything that puts me more in the festive mood then making decorations for the tree or home, like pompom snow, snow flakes, peace cranes, and mini crocheted wreaths.
If you are interested in learning some paper or crochet crafts to decorate your house, or engage with your family over the holidays you can find me @ Le Milieu– December the 7th from 4-7, we will be making small decorations with crochet.
Additionally -On December the 9th from 10 to 12 (paper arts) for kids and adults and 4-6 (crochet decorations) will be at Boutique Poeme .
I look forward to the free flow creativity. THAT is the spirit of the season.



*Workshops at Milieu- 5-7$ donation/contribution
at Poeme – 10-15 $

Crochet a day and other stories

The world appeared to spin a little faster between the end of the Moksha show and now. I was so very focused on the show that there was a catch-up moment. But just 10 days later I was starting a new free form project called ‘crochet a day’. Based loosely on Julia Cameron’s (the artist’s way, 1992) artist pages in which one would ‘free write’ or in this case ‘free crochet’ everyday. Yes…although I often crochet about 25 on every 30 days I managed between 3 – 5 times a week for this project, to truly get to this meditation . I tried to add Another level to my commitment to the ambiguous and start a new page everyday, intermittently working them into one from sept 15 -oct 15.

Lessons learned- most process books the artist’s way, creative license , etc give exercises to do day by day. Although this is useful, and I might investigate this further, setting a parameter for a -month ( a color way, a period of time eg.45min, a general theme or set of stitches to use) and having that as a go to means a new ‘page’ can be embarked upon quickly and without choosing new materials and humming and haing. A quick selection of a theme or set of colors especially- remnant pieces -that are always with you (and an appropriate sized hook) Mirrors what other books say about setting yourself up to succeed.

Also important- no guilt. If you do not succeed to crochet free every day, don’t stress. Set up new parameters every few weeks to keep your interest peaked. As usually the pay off is a utilitarian product, crocheting toward nothing as a meditation means you should refuse assigning a function to your product for the longest possible time. This changes your practice toward the moment rather than the future, the feeling, learning, and creative rather than following someone else’s ideas.






inspired by FiberAlley <a



Well, it has taken a week/ week and a half for me to get settled into my daily life after the extravaganza that was MOKSHA. I am sad to report that I was unable to attend the Roxham woolgathering due to over-whelm-ed-ness. I am making a new term to describe something Dannielle Dyson-MTL MakerFaire coordinator and I commented on this sunday; I shall call it CREATOR’S-LAG. People often talk about a kind of ‘hangover'(I never liked that term) after they have put together a big event, but what one experiences when one is on a big journey, sleeping weird hours, and getting spaced out after the fact for a few days, that seems to be what I experienced.

after speaking with a few people and particularly Billy Mavreas I have come away with the ‘go big or go home’ message, and the ever important – ‘call it what is’ (Billy said much more and was ever eloquent, but to paraphrase…)

These messages never go amiss. I think, in relation to my process, I see a lot of great fibre artists doing really glorious works and I also see that fibre art doesn’t fit tightly into any other form. It isn’t sculpture as hard sculpture is- yet it is perfectly sculptural. It isn’t anything like fashion, and design, yet it draws on all of that. This is why it has the least constrictions,a 3d line all the time that never needs to be tied to a page. Absent of the normal constrictions like the edge of a page, it seems I inadvertently imposed some on myself, created tentative corners and edges, even as in most of the length of the process I buck any expectation of form.

The Moksha event could not have been held without the support of Jim and I’s families; griphon, ray roger, xavier, elisia, szandra, and Ion.
A very special thank you to Marie-Josee and MJ-SUCRE/SALEE for her lovely confections, always recommended.
thanks to vigne a vin
To our Musical support BestFriends a big big shout out to them and their very incredible brand of awesomeness – in song we trust

AND particularly to our friends who took the time to come out and participate, engage, and share their time and insights.
best, P

Today is the day


The day is finally here.

The ambiguous  process of creating the work, while running one`s day to day life with jobs, kids, friends is now -like a good jam -left to cool and set. The gallery has been hung and open for 2 days now, and strangers from as far as Australia have stopped in and spoken with us -responding to our first volley.

We invite you, our friends, to enjoy the space, the fantasy of a softer truth, we are proposing. Best -Pandora

Dear Friends,

(Français ci-dessous)

Join us in an exploration of alternate realities and sacred extraterrestrials – Moksha – August 28th to September 2nd.

By Pandora Hobby and Badbad Grape, Moksha-fibre libre is a collaborative project and gallery show examining freeform crochet and knit.

Grape and Pandora have been spontaneously discovering convergences between their fibre practices since 2008. Moksha is the initial culmination of their creative whimsy made tangible.

Where – Galerie Ame Art-Mile End, 5345 av. du Parc
When – Tues-Fri 12-6, Sat-Sun 12-5
Vernissage – August 30th from 5-8 with musical guests Best Friends

Chers amis,

Joignez-nous dans une exploration de réalités parallèles et extraterrestres sacrés – Moksha – du 28 août au 2 Septembre.

Par Pandora Hobby et Badbad Grape, Moksha-fibre libre est un projet collaboratif et une exposition de crochet à forme libre et unie.

Grape et Pandora ont spontanément découverts les convergences entre leurs pratiques de fibres depuis 2008. Moksha est la culmination initiale de leur fantaisie créative actualisée.

Où – Galerie Âme Art-Mile End, 5345 av. du Parc
Quand – du mardi au vendredi 12-6, samedi et dimanche 12-5
Vernissage – 30 août, 5 à 8, avec invités Musical Best Friends

Hey all,

just a quick hello, as we are so busy getting ready for MOKSHA- fibre libre we look forward to seeing you there.

Additionally – Grape and I will be at the Makers faire this Saturday, from 1-4 pm. We will be yarn storming to create our first collaborative piece with people on the site called soft music for hard architecture. 

come learn some crochet , be part of the softening movement

best, as always, Pandora

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The exhibit -just over a month to go



Happy mid -summer to all of you.

And what a crazy heat wave too!  Hope you are all keeping cool. I, myself spend my time preparing for our upcoming fiber festivities- MOKSHA – Fibre Libre. Badbad Grape (jim)and I would like to invite you all up to the Mile End  from Tuesday the 28th of August  to the 2nd of September. Especially festive-the Thursday night vernissage-5-8

As an added event/promo/bonus we have been asked to present at the Makers Faire the Saturday prior to our exhibit. We look forward to showing a preview of the fibre fantasy,  then getting down and dirty with a little yarnbombing-demo at the parc Olympic site.

The Galerie Mile End  will be open tues-fri 12-6, sat-sun 12-5 -with the extended vernissage hours thursday until 8. We look forward to seeing you there.

Happy and creative ‘canicule’ to you all.







The Round up post




Summer has settled in, even if it is officially late spring, and I have left this post too long. So much is going on every weekend, as I try to get ready for the end of school for the kids and have all there activities as well. I cant believe there were no post at all in May. Sabatical

First, the show, it is confirmed, Sandy Grape and Pandora Hobby will crochet themselves into history, August 26-2 at the Mile End Gallery, vernissage is 5-8  August 30th   Moksha – fibre libre, come have a glass of wine with us to celebrate the opening. 

Next yarnbombing day: and it turned out that I was going to the annual roxham farm woolgathering prep lunch. Well we bombed anyway, a couple of things, hoping to do a few more as the spring turns to summer, but happily as we mark the one year anniversary of last year’s bombs, 3 of them are still up!!!!

Third  festivals, so many festivals, folk at lachine, the pop in little italy with Weeping buffalo cant get to them all but so very happy to hear so many friends performing them.

Last the red square-maple spring movement. I have been meaning to write on this, and maybe I still will. I am so glad that there are so many people getting out in the street being heard. There is a new face  to this everyday. I cant say what effect it will have, sadly I hear people asking for the students to back down because of the inconvenience of the violence, because we already pay a low tuition etc. I think it is simple, we have the right to protest, if no one is listening we have to take another tact. If violence is unwanted – then hurry up and listen. I dont generally go marching but laud those that do. I believe the fact I fought these fights many times over the years holds me in good stead, that I am usually indisposed presently. Moreover, I teach and my service is free to my students, so I must believe in free education, I am a practitioner!!!

Nobody can disagree with the fact that the system needs an overhaul,  stop trying to time this one out….it isn’t going away.

oh, and Parc is alive every sat 5-7 for gruta jam party, come and see!!!