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pumpkin carving


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Happy Halloween to you all! I remember when this was a big day for dress up, but it seems that my kids like to dress up pretty regularly, so in fact up until the very last minute we never know what will come out of the ticklle trunk.
Griphon and Szandra got to do their pumpkin almost on their own this year. A great sculptural moment surely for all budding artists. This, even as we know that there are no trick or treats at our house, and we havent set up the inside of the house due to puppy everyrthing-in-mouth-disease. Still, the creativity promoted by getting to play another character on your own is its own abumdunce.

Art d’Eco


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A pleasure to find this in my email this morning. And not a small feat, for 12 additions of the show, I am yet to miss showing in one!
November 25th- one month away, so in fact we are well in advance, yet I know it will be upon us in moments. Every year this is such an exciting and diverse selection of work and I encourage everyone to join us. Recycled art, and now ‘upcycled’ have become familiar concepts, yet I still think particularly of import to fibre artists because, when out of material, we pull or cut something else apart, simply for the pleasure of alternate assembly. My start in fibre- a finisher in a recycle/ used clothing shop or ‘friperie’ as we call it in Quebec.
So you see, I come by it and my pride in it honestly. After 20 years (this Fall) I have to say I am a true ‘recyclist’ and I love honing this craft!!

Vernissage -November 26th from 6-9

Ame Art- Galerie Mile End 5345 ave. du Parc

coffeetogo -wasteredux


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It has been a busy week and, sadly not as productive as I would have hoped. We have had nationwide Waste Reduction Week but I haven’t had time to produce/recycle anything, nor participate in any of the initiatives. I have been constantly fighting off tickles in my throat and this week, additionally I accidentally transferred epoxy onto my forehead, creating a big ouchy, more stress and worry than injury, but still ultimately a drag on my energy. Everyday, every week I try to find time to recharge properly but by Friday we are down at the end of the barrel. True, I am producing loads of crochet, and 3 out of 4 weeks a month I have a fair, workshop or sale. Still, I find I am often feeling drained, not because of how I spend my spare time, but based on a sense that I am pushing against something …my energy is too widely dispersed. For all that I am putting out there I feel  just a trickle of fulfillment. And I also feel that it shouldn’t matter-it does though. It matters that I feel it necessary to comment like this and that I am wary this sounds whiny. It matters to me that we should not just recycle material and waste, but comfort to all those we can. So this is my new ‘waste reduction’ initiative, – stop wasting my energy on things that are not working. I shall redirect, and respond to those who are offering me support, you know who you are…and my heart always warms at the thought of you. XoP

Mile end- felt united

Mile end

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The sun finally shone down on us yesterday and we got to photograph our felt united colours.

we felt together

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just a quick note to say what a pleasure our felt united time has been and thank Allison for the generous use of her space and the offer of her expertise and time in all things woolen. If you are interested in participating in other activities like this please check out the Montreal home learners as we are scheduled to be working with them over November getting kids ready for Christmas

wiggles at Marche Duluth

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Marche duluth– After a trying week, (lost my voice Monday and I make my living teaching -talking- Second language English) and a further trying Friday (bad puppy, how could you eat nutella, hasn’t anyone told you it is bad for you?) I opened my email to the good news that my application to Marche Duluth has been accepted. I have been doing loads of activities and shows and fairs throughout the calendar year. For years my January and February were filled with preparations for the Images de Femmes Group show in March, celebrating Women’s day. In fact once I coordinated it. Sometimes in the mix were little church sales for valentines, street festivals to celebrate Saint Jean (June) or other, Puces pop in October, Art d’Eco (recycled art show) in November… if I could paint or crochet something for it and afford to get in it, there I was. I dont stop making, but even with all those opportunities I am often trying to fit the work to the venue. I am pleased to say that I will happily display my wiggle hats in their natural habitat, an organic market Oct.11th Festival des artisans . On with my rant about all the amazing weekend activities – just to add the theme  ‘this year tops all’  I haven’t had a quiet weekend since mid summer. For Example- 2, will be 3 weeks of felt  to celebrate the first annual international day of felt , the culmination is tomorrow when Fiber alley and I will post photos of the works we have been making (weather permiting). Check her blog for the progress so far