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Happy holidays. Here we are at the park, steps from the ocean, after bead shopping and having burgers and poutine (yes poutine, successfully made) at Vera’s in Vancouver. We got to have a look around, despite the fog, at Stanley park, enjoy shopping for pez dispensers and settled down at the end for hot chocolates.
Haven’t had success to find a good wool shop yet, but today is another chance, and tomorrow we are off to see Fabulous Mr. Fox.


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Today is the day for more and more lovely woolens to wrap in.
Here is a great tunik; faux chain-mail (green and white). It can be found @ the lovely

HARMONY CODE boutique.

It is a slightly a-symmetrical 80’s inspired garment referring back to an Athenian temple goer.
Check it and loads of lovely fete ware at 123 Mount Royal w.
gifts and garb galore in a very charmed atmosphere



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Here is the general idea of the workshop, to stitch together circles and make bobbles for the tree. Can be made out of any cards from last year? photos??bits of recycled??? anything !
you choose. And if you want 3-D they can be filled.
on hand will be all tools necessary, and if you prefer to sew it, be my guest, I will be giving instruction on beginner crochet, this quickie, and for adults or advanced crocheters- amirugumi (sp) stars (with pattern) and stockings too!!
Pop/Plum holiday fair
12-13 of December
St. Micheals -st viateur and st urbain

choeur Maha / herstreet

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Thanks to Elvi Dalgaard for her most welcome invitation to set up a table at the performance last Saturday, “Shadows and Light” by the amazing Choeur Maha.  Sadly, I did not get any photos of our spread HOWEVER I met up with some very lovely artisans as well as musicians and artists, some new, some I hadn’t seen in years.
It was a truly an ear opening performance!!
I was more than pleased to be surrounded by this most welcoming of Christmas spirit – a benefit for herstreet. organization.

This weekend, Dec. 12-13th I will be workshop-ing recycled art decorations at St. Micheal’s on St. Viateur during the Rusty Plum event 1:30-3 both days all are welcome, the event is free but contributions will be collected for herstreet.

NO! Seal

Not very holiday oriented, but there it is.
Let’s all have a green-er Christmas, from reducing on wrapping to using bio, or recyclable things, to re-gifting (if you never use it and it rocks why not??). Reduce the pollution of production, and the waste of packaging and we will slow just a wee bit more of the damage that is happening in climate science.

From my friendly Brazillian recycling art buddy
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I suggest to make a movement on the Internet!
And I created this Seal which means the influence of pollution on the climate!

I invite everyone to copy the Seal Pollution: No! and publish at your page
(also invite friends to do )
Por favor, divulguem/Please share it

buddha and water lilies

buddha and water lilies

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Hi everyone, I hope that you are revving up for holiday festivities. Check it out – all the Buddha paintings, felt work, hats and shawls, fingerless mitts… all of the stuff seen here or at flickr can be yours, or your moms, or your bosses, whatever. Just send me a message, or comment. Also, this aft I am at the Mile End Gallery 1-3, come and see the show, it is great.