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scrumble will save the world

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For those of you who do not know me well, or know me in a very particular context may I say that I want to save the world. I cant tell you from what any more, though I used to know. It is perhaps generalized malaise (or laze), or from an overwhelming sense of conformity. In any case my mission is creativity, and my expression is crochet and particularly scrumble. Almost daily I think of a new verbal articulation to describe this, and research others who have said it, have said it well, or differently.
One month ago I fell and bunged up my hand that I crochet with. I can tell you, I have tried, especially in the sense of an attempt to be therapeutic…to crocheted with it, etc. -a bit
All the more reason to read, and write.

And I found this- Free play – book by Stephen Nachmanovitch at a second hand book store.
It is all about the things I want to write, but in the language of theater and music… improvisation.
Well, I just wanted to say, that even if there seems to be less posting I am on it, plugging along, researching getting in a good natter trying to find the story to tell, even if it is more natural for me now to pull it through a hook than type it