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We felt united 2 good yr 2

Tomorrow is the big felty day. Soap, wool and blues yellows and greens
Come and see us at the red bird studios on van Horne. Between that and the festival of Bon voisin on st viateur just 2 blocks away it promises to be a great day out

coming up on fall

scarf set

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Here we are September 2nd and we are coming up on fall, I can’t really think about it though as the heat and even the pollution here has been so intense that we can barely breathe.
Trying to get things organized writing as well as crochet/art wise but there are always so many ideas and never enough time.
The list
One more art show, this time with lace and/or lace as cartography
More workshops (roxham farm and journee du culture)
more hats with applique style crochet
more hyperbolic creations
and many more booties
and Etsy
more posting on etsy, as mine has lapsed

oh, funny story, rented the ‘che’ movie and discovered to my dismay that I can not crochet and read subtitles at the same time argh*&^?

if that wasn’t enough… of course I want to take the kids apple picking too