Monthly Archives: February 2011


Yeah!!!! Geek out goodness!

Love to just have the unexpected occassion to hang out, and crochet, and then, there I was teaching it.
I thought I would just stop in, play a game of scrabble or something. Got to burritoville a wee bit low energy after a nearly full afternoon of child wrangling. Sat down to a full table of people cutting out lino stamps . Off they set to print their great works in ink, I thought…’i’ll head up stairs after my taco, maybe make a print…’ but before I could, oh glee, table of three set to seeing what crochet was all about.

It was most encouraging and inspiring and incongruous

Not just unexpected; but in fact following a kind of governance of ebb and flow.
I am that geek, sitting in the corner holding back from asking,’come on, check it out, this is fun, you’ll love it. ‘
Okay, often Bouncing out of my chair

Here I was and I really hadn’t even planned to demo

It all just happened.
Sit back, the stitches will get you.