Monthly Archives: March 2011


Just before new years a good friend and I were chatting about my on-going, and snail-paced project on creative process Hooked in. Now that the first jot is ‘out’ into the world I keep thinking there will be more flow associated with the following chapters…. It is a bumpy ride.

She follows feng shui and says that this period of the year is for incubation, these basterd cold moments. We can cocoon our ideas together and make them grow as the earth does. I hope she is right cause there seems to be too many to get out now, I can’t seem to make them. I heard a podcast where the guy was saying that some artist had a little team of minions to get his out there. That is what I need it would seem.

Dreams filled with stitches

I dream of infinite stitches, each one to change the world, spinning it on it’s heal into a softer, tighter, warmer place.

Can I hook you into my vision¿