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Fibre-gé eggs

Happy Easter everyone! Here are my stuffed eggs for the children’s egg-hunt next saturday. Hope to get a few more done over the week, but in the meanwhile I had to post
For coco mile-end
And for all easter freaks.
Let the festivities and the chocolate fly!!


Hey all you crafty characters far and wide guess what just opened up a few blocks from us in the heart of the Mile End***Latelier***!!!
Latelier boutique is specializing in unique beads and lovely new trends in stringing techniques.
We were so pleased to have found just a few treasures on this fine spring Sunday.

Check it out at
5200 Clark street @fairmount

tie dye

tie dye by fiberalley
tie dye, a photo by fiberalley on Flickr.

hey there all, just to say, we are written up at fiber arts magazine, having participated in

felt united 2


There are a few things I have learned over the past few years. One of those things is that there is a true elegance in freed fibres. I trust the bits I have made – sitting in ziplocks against mothes waiting to aggregate with another little attempts. This is how the first exhibited piece of crochet came into being.

This how the wiggle hats came up.
This is how the craftitti, or ‘yarn bombing’ came up.
This is how this scrumble shawl, like so many bricolage projects came up