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International yarnbombing day recap





Between the Etsy craft party, finishing up a few more yarn ‘tags’ and watching Kurosawa’s ‘dreams’ it has been an art-ventful weekend. Lots and lots of fodder for consideration for writing on art-process-and cleaving between the normative and the creative.

Thanks so much to Allison, Lisa, and Mary for setting up the etsy event. – felt extreme hats and jewelry  -bags, laptop covers and cell phone cases – Paintings and pendants


Ran into an artist and neighbourhood colleague of mine, Mary Milne, and got to chatting on our 55 bus ride towards downtown.
Tried to explain about the yarnbombing. Her comment after seeing some photos of the ville Laine, and some of my installations,”how can you get these back at the end?”

This was prior to Sean Micheal’s talk on the ux and the catacombs under Paris.
My answer was, “you don’t, you let it go…”
I am thrilled that anyone would think my soft installations were covetous in value. I know I usually do. But the paradigm shift to knowing some person, unknown, unplanned, unexpectedly would have an urban ‘stumble upon’ moment far out weighs what I could derive from this product if it were produced as garmentry.
I’ve been reading up and the truth is the reification of creative value is all around us. There isn’t any creative value at all without an audience though.
I’ll set a few things free, maybe not even associated directly with me, to know that art has “flown” ephemeral.

As for the ux ( experience seekers x experience producers) they take it further…a Parisian underground- literally and figuratively they involve themselves in the betterment of the urban landscape taking on projects for their own sake, knowing they and their efforts might go fully un- noted.
It’s not about having or noting/ renown… The shift is the DO