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Hey all,

just a quick hello, as we are so busy getting ready for MOKSHA- fibre libre we look forward to seeing you there.

Additionally – Grape and I will be at the Makers faire this Saturday, from 1-4 pm. We will be yarn storming to create our first collaborative piece with people on the site called soft music for hard architecture. 

come learn some crochet , be part of the softening movement

best, as always, Pandora

Women’s day

Hi everybody, come on down and have some fun, Vernissage March 3rd at the Mile End Bibliotheque, concert at the Railto March 4th. Workshops, art, music, what could be better??

Needle felt workshop by yours truly on Tuesday March 13th in the evening.

Re-new year


I’ve been meaning to post for a while.  A student of mine and I speak about it a lot; if you don’t see people for a while, it means that you sometimes have less to say to them, not more. You no long have the fabric of the day to day in common, yet really, what have you done that is bigger than that? All those changes are incremental- often it is thus… a long story, or nothing at all.


I vacillate I have much and yet little to say.

First I am trying to organize a fibre themed gallery show, I  will show with the Images de Femmes, and I spent the last week of my Christmas holidays producing. Producing what?? hard to say yet…I’ll let you know…

Second  –swapswapswapswapswapswapswapswapswapswapswapswapswapswapswap

why yes,  that IS my  insane stash -just short of hoarders, in every possible hiding spot in my house… and???

AND Marie Sterlin  & I am organizing a swap to use it up. Lots of stuff stays sitting around waiting to get used even though my best efforts are to recycle, give stuff away etc. If you may suffer from a similar craft-stash ailment join us. we will swap and craft at cafe Matina

De stash event ou Troque ton stock ( de laine et al) – come on down Jan 21 2012

Third– trying, really trying to get back to writing on creativity,  keep getting that broaching idea…but we will take our time…



Baby bomber


It has been a few weeks since I, Jennifer Soup, Karine Fournier & Madeliene had the opportunity to speak at the Greasy Goose lecture series.
We spoke about yarnbombing under the cadre of “scraps”.
Now that I let the topic ‘sit’ …an ideal way to let the creativity steep I want to get back to the flow.
And thus I have happened across the idea of incongruence theory as a part of curiosity theory additionally to it’s applications in creativity.
In any case I AM both curious and creative in the moment of both finding and mounting a bomb. The urban palour so very counter indicated to the human psyche. We all wish to put our stamp down whether it is a green thumb that drives us, a great wall that entices us or just a softened edge.


Ran into an artist and neighbourhood colleague of mine, Mary Milne, and got to chatting on our 55 bus ride towards downtown.
Tried to explain about the yarnbombing. Her comment after seeing some photos of the ville Laine, and some of my installations,”how can you get these back at the end?”

This was prior to Sean Micheal’s talk on the ux and the catacombs under Paris.
My answer was, “you don’t, you let it go…”
I am thrilled that anyone would think my soft installations were covetous in value. I know I usually do. But the paradigm shift to knowing some person, unknown, unplanned, unexpectedly would have an urban ‘stumble upon’ moment far out weighs what I could derive from this product if it were produced as garmentry.
I’ve been reading up and the truth is the reification of creative value is all around us. There isn’t any creative value at all without an audience though.
I’ll set a few things free, maybe not even associated directly with me, to know that art has “flown” ephemeral.

As for the ux ( experience seekers x experience producers) they take it further…a Parisian underground- literally and figuratively they involve themselves in the betterment of the urban landscape taking on projects for their own sake, knowing they and their efforts might go fully un- noted.
It’s not about having or noting/ renown… The shift is the DO






Yarn bomb bonanza

Some time ago I knew it as ‘craftitti’ but the evolution is now for softening up the urban landscape with a good old ‘ yarn bomb’ The world is getting wooly for June 11th– Dressing to the nines our local trees, lamp posts and bikestands for yarn bombing day.

Be inspired with your needles or your hooks to take the inside out into the wide world. Get more creative and push the limits cause you only need a little to catch a passerby’s eye.

Process and time

Happy 2011 everyone!!!

I want to start by saying that everything is new again, even the kitchen sink, or more precisely the hot water tank to my building. Out with the old!!!!

And then there is the art and process discourse that haunts me at every turn from arts’ birthday to my new favorite theorist Daniel H Pink and his right-brained theories. Yes yes YES could we all – every one of us be more innovative, creative, and just generally better everyday.

I am working out some analogies, about referent, about beauty, about where we want to go with creativity, and where we are being led into believing we are being creative, when sometimes the most analytical decision we make in a day is what we wear. I listened to Steven Millhauser’s short fiction, about a man whose art and craft takes him away from anything that his audience could see and demands the question- one very dear to my heart- of the work for the work’s sake or   work for the communities sake?

Well, if you are out there I wish you all more of what makes your world spin, a can of paint, a piece of fibre, a new texture or taste

Free is to create, and to create is to share- Happy birthday art!!