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More scrumble jewelry


Scrumble coral jewelry – all the rage

Did you think that the advent of spring would effect the wearable-ity of crazy crochet creations?

Do not fret. If you like the textured look but fear the warmth, then crocheted jewelry is just the thing.  A little crocheted bead is all about spring and floral so look out for these one of a kind authentic Mile End art wears.




Gearing up for my May show has been postponed. It had been a mad dash but it seems there was a booking mix up. I will be showing my fibre works under the title ‘MOKSHA’ at the end of August instead.
I really can’t wait as many piece now on hold are actually relatively finished and await hanging for full effect.
I hope to be able to present them at other venues over the summer, including some small jewelry creations available at the opening of ‘Poem Boutique’ in May.
See you there.

you are invited

you are invited

rolling into march at top speed

Women’s day

Hi everybody, come on down and have some fun, Vernissage March 3rd at the Mile End Bibliotheque, concert at the Railto March 4th. Workshops, art, music, what could be better??

Needle felt workshop by yours truly on Tuesday March 13th in the evening.

Re-new year


I’ve been meaning to post for a while.  A student of mine and I speak about it a lot; if you don’t see people for a while, it means that you sometimes have less to say to them, not more. You no long have the fabric of the day to day in common, yet really, what have you done that is bigger than that? All those changes are incremental- often it is thus… a long story, or nothing at all.


I vacillate I have much and yet little to say.

First I am trying to organize a fibre themed gallery show, I  will show with the Images de Femmes, and I spent the last week of my Christmas holidays producing. Producing what?? hard to say yet…I’ll let you know…

Second  –swapswapswapswapswapswapswapswapswapswapswapswapswapswapswap

why yes,  that IS my  insane stash -just short of hoarders, in every possible hiding spot in my house… and???

AND Marie Sterlin  & I am organizing a swap to use it up. Lots of stuff stays sitting around waiting to get used even though my best efforts are to recycle, give stuff away etc. If you may suffer from a similar craft-stash ailment join us. we will swap and craft at cafe Matina

De stash event ou Troque ton stock ( de laine et al) – come on down Jan 21 2012

Third– trying, really trying to get back to writing on creativity,  keep getting that broaching idea…but we will take our time…