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Crochet a day and other stories

The world appeared to spin a little faster between the end of the Moksha show and now. I was so very focused on the show that there was a catch-up moment. But just 10 days later I was starting a new free form project called ‘crochet a day’. Based loosely on Julia Cameron’s (the artist’s way, 1992) artist pages in which one would ‘free write’ or in this case ‘free crochet’ everyday. Yes…although I often crochet about 25 on every 30 days I managed between 3 – 5 times a week for this project, to truly get to this meditation . I tried to add Another level to my commitment to the ambiguous and start a new page everyday, intermittently working them into one from sept 15 -oct 15.

Lessons learned- most process books the artist’s way, creative license , etc give exercises to do day by day. Although this is useful, and I might investigate this further, setting a parameter for a -month ( a color way, a period of time eg.45min, a general theme or set of stitches to use) and having that as a go to means a new ‘page’ can be embarked upon quickly and without choosing new materials and humming and haing. A quick selection of a theme or set of colors especially- remnant pieces -that are always with you (and an appropriate sized hook) Mirrors what other books say about setting yourself up to succeed.

Also important- no guilt. If you do not succeed to crochet free every day, don’t stress. Set up new parameters every few weeks to keep your interest peaked. As usually the pay off is a utilitarian product, crocheting toward nothing as a meditation means you should refuse assigning a function to your product for the longest possible time. This changes your practice toward the moment rather than the future, the feeling, learning, and creative rather than following someone else’s ideas.






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Yeah!!!! Geek out goodness!

Love to just have the unexpected occassion to hang out, and crochet, and then, there I was teaching it.
I thought I would just stop in, play a game of scrabble or something. Got to burritoville a wee bit low energy after a nearly full afternoon of child wrangling. Sat down to a full table of people cutting out lino stamps . Off they set to print their great works in ink, I thought…’i’ll head up stairs after my taco, maybe make a print…’ but before I could, oh glee, table of three set to seeing what crochet was all about.

It was most encouraging and inspiring and incongruous

Not just unexpected; but in fact following a kind of governance of ebb and flow.
I am that geek, sitting in the corner holding back from asking,’come on, check it out, this is fun, you’ll love it. ‘
Okay, often Bouncing out of my chair

Here I was and I really hadn’t even planned to demo

It all just happened.
Sit back, the stitches will get you.

wiggles at Marche Duluth

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Marche duluth– After a trying week, (lost my voice Monday and I make my living teaching -talking- Second language English) and a further trying Friday (bad puppy, how could you eat nutella, hasn’t anyone told you it is bad for you?) I opened my email to the good news that my application to Marche Duluth has been accepted. I have been doing loads of activities and shows and fairs throughout the calendar year. For years my January and February were filled with preparations for the Images de Femmes Group show in March, celebrating Women’s day. In fact once I coordinated it. Sometimes in the mix were little church sales for valentines, street festivals to celebrate Saint Jean (June) or other, Puces pop in October, Art d’Eco (recycled art show) in November… if I could paint or crochet something for it and afford to get in it, there I was. I dont stop making, but even with all those opportunities I am often trying to fit the work to the venue. I am pleased to say that I will happily display my wiggle hats in their natural habitat, an organic market Oct.11th Festival des artisans . On with my rant about all the amazing weekend activities – just to add the theme  ‘this year tops all’  I haven’t had a quiet weekend since mid summer. For Example- 2, will be 3 weeks of felt  to celebrate the first annual international day of felt , the culmination is tomorrow when Fiber alley and I will post photos of the works we have been making (weather permiting). Check her blog for the progress so far